If you have stumbled upon this website, hopefully it is because you have listened to our podcast, Unearthed: Memphis.

If not, go listen to our podcast! We think you’ll enjoy it, and you might even learn some stuff about Memphis that you didn’t already know.

So why did we want to do this podcast?

As you can read in our About Me section, we love our city and every part of its history. Our goal is to share Memphis’s history with as many people as we can and, in turn, hopefully encourage them to become as interested in it as we are.

When most people discuss Memphis history, the talk almost unfailingly lands on Elvis Presley, B.B. King, or any of the countless music icons related to Memphis. While we will certainly cover a good amount of those topics during our time, we will also be focusing on revealing many of the lesser-known, yet most intriguing parts, of our city’s rich history. 

There will be stories of scandal, murder, and mystery. We’ll tell you of interesting landmarks to visit, as well as about the lives of many of the people who have made an impact on our city and have helped Memphis press onward in its journey to being one of the best places to live or visit in the United States.

So sit back and enjoy listening to the fascinating stories we’ve uncovered on Unearthed: Memphis!