About Us

Welcome to the website for our podcast, Unearthed: Memphis!
We (Alan and Tara) are Memphians who love our city and the rich history it holds, though much of it is widely unknown to its residents. We’re here to provide information we’ve uncovered, but not in a boring history class kind of way.


Host Bios:

Alan, a native Memphian, has traveled and lived many places due to his career as a professional percussionist, but eventually came back home to settle down. His interest in Memphis history began after his first event at Elmwood Cemetery and since then he has been trying to learn everything he can about his hometown. He and Tara venture to many historical sites, Elmwood and Woodruff-Fontaine House being some of their favorites, and try to support them as often as possible. 
Keeping in line with his passion for music, his day gig is at a locally owned and operated music store where he helps to provide educational institutions with the equipment they need to keep their musical programs thriving. 

Tara, while not born in Memphis, has lived here for more than 30 years. Her family is from Memphis and she was destined to choose 901 as her home. As an old soul, due to the influence of her father and his love of history, she fell in love with the past long ago and has always enjoyed artifacts and stories from yesteryear. One of her favorite places to visit, in Memphis, is Elmwood Cemetery. She believes the soul of the city lies within the walls of that cemetery.
Her day job is a surgical assistant at a dermatology clinic, specializing in skin cancer treatment.